Thanks a lot for the high level quality of the work you guys performed. Am personally impressed with the kind of service we had during the design phase. Let's continue our collaboration for the next improvements and possible maintenance jobs.

Major H.BAHY , EGF CIS Hoo , Italy


Infinity's Solutions definitely deserve some credits. Working with them gives peace of mind. They are all professional, knowledgeable and dedicated.The quality of their deliverables and support is excellent. They have now become very valuable partners for our agency.We got a $750000/year account back, by word of mouth, based on a portal they did for us. We are now looking at expanding our office. We absolutely owe them our growing success.

Florent Eric Paredes, LSHD Advertising Inc, MA


Thanks to Infinity Informations, tribal Monsoon LLC is now a full-scale online retailer of crafts and décor from the Indian Subcontinent. Competitors and customers alike have praised the site for its unique and authentic web design, completeness of functionality, and the variety of products. We offer several industry-standard web-based features to its clients, including shopping cart transactions, secure payments, and customer account registration. We also offer several marketing-based features like Cross-Sell and Email to a Friend, both engineered to increase sales and expand the firm's clientele. Powered with a comprehensive e-commerce solution, the company is now well-positioned to raise its revenues; expand client base, and increase product offering.

Infinity turned our dreams into reality.

Bravo! Infinity Team

Faisal Shahid Butt, CEO tribal Monsoon LLC, CA


Thanks to Infinity Informations' wonderful work, Basic Beauty LLC can now display its entire inventory online in a fun, compact, and easy to use e-commerce solution that can be used both domestically and in the international market. Instead of relying on customers physically visiting the store to fulfill orders, Basic Beauty is climbing the charts and is sure to become a marquis beauty product provider on the Web!
Fred Ben Cohen, Owner, Basic Beauty LLC, CA


Infinity's solution allowed me to control and manage our entire inventory and saves thousands of dollars a year that we would pay for outsourced maintenance fees! Their design has received rave reviews from past and new clients. Their entire invoice and order database is accessible online (with username/password protection) 24 hours a day that allows them to work from anywhere, at any time. Overall, the Infinity Information greatly improved Affinity's online revenues and bolstered their corporate image.
Management, Affinity Diamonds, CA


We've experienced a noticeable increase in calls and emails to our office. This has lead to discussions with many prospective new clients, including signing one new client which is likely to be an important, long-term partner for us. In short, we are very pleased with the effectiveness of the work!
Steven Beschloss, Managing Director, Media Wave Consulting, CA


We at Age Intrade LLC would like to offer our continuous support to Infinity Informations. Our association with them can be best described as extremely positive. We are delighted with the way our website turned out and were very pleased with infinity's innovative ideas and level of professionalism. We were happy to see positive results come through our website and would like to thank Infinity for their efforts in establishing a positive outlook for our company through our website.
Raed Siddiqui , Managing Director, Age Intrade LLC, Dubai