Research & Development at Infinity: Heading for Perfection

Infinity is a dynamic & established company with a time-honored and highly competent research and development platform, a growing pipeline of skilled candidates and a history of productive collaborative partnerships. Infinity regards research as the crucial component of any software or custom software or content development system. Phases of R&D explored by professionals provides the basic platform to understand the wide scope and objectives of the application including feasibility, competition involved, frameworks available, existing alternatives and a good understanding of the requirements of the targeted audience.

To produce state-of-the-art applications, Infinity follows three critical steps in R&D process from project initiation to finalized product.


Initial phase of research involves a multi directional perspective and provides vital information on different facets of the application being developed like technology, feature, flow, target audience preferences and competition involved. This step ensures structured manner of research feedback and also provides ideas if further research is required on any of the components.


This step involves the refinement of original set of specifications provided by the clients & the researched information to create a single source for consolidating the final requirements.


Being the most crucial component of research process, this step eliminates all ambiguities and freeze the final set of requirements on an interactive basis with the client in an objective manner. This step gives rise to the beginning of the development process.

Infinity's research & development has the advantage of over six years of company experience in outsourcing & software development. Focusing on the development of radical new technologies spanning a wide range of applications, our team at Infinity involves engineering, development and quality professionals specialized in creating innovative solutions for advanced technologies. The R & D team at Infinity focus on the standard & custom designed development processes to impart all software, ecommerce & IT solutions based on the specifications of clients.

Infinity's world-class software development processes through years of research & development helps our clients to;

  • Reduce financial risks
  • Ensure complete decision-making during project design & development
  • Allow them to stay ahead of their competitors.

Infinity's ecommerce, content & software R&D group strives to harvest the ideas and values from a wide range of talented individuals to create a working style & strategy to fit the future demands. Infinity is leading with a mission to provide the business community with need & time-intensive, innovative services and solutions, grounded on the unique combination of mature methodology, modern scientific achievements and cutting edge information technologies. With a strong belief of contributing to the research and development activities in India , Infinity utilizes the enthusiastic young & outstanding experienced potential of India .

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