Rapid Application Development

Rapid application development at Infinity is designed to give much faster development and higher quality than the traditional lifecycle. Infinity is an established offshore application development company that offers the most updated versions of RAD techniques for the smooth management of an enterprise after a thorough understanding of the client's requirements. The development team at Infinity is handy with RAD techniques, like CASE tools, iterative life-cycles, prototyping, workshops, SWAT teams, Timebox Development and Re-use of applications, templates and code.

Infinity follows a Rapid Application Development method that can meet the correct business requirements of the client effectively as soon as the system comes into operation. The different stages of RAD at Infinity are:

Requirements gathering:

  • Determine Business Processes
  • Carry out Domain Analysis
  • Understand Cooperating Systems
  • Find out System Requirements
  • Show Results to Client


  • Recognize system usage
  • Flush out used Cases
  • Improve the Class Diagrams
  • Evaluate changes of state in objects
  • Define the relations among objects
  • Analyze integration with cooperating systems

User Design:

  • Develop and improve object diagrams
  • Expand component diagrams
  • Prepare for deployment
  • Design and Prototype User Interface
  • Plan tests
  • Start documentation

Rapid Construction:

  • Create codes
  • Test Codes
  • Build user interfaces connected to code and test
  • Complete documentation


  • Plan for backup and recovery
  • Install RAD system
  • Assess the installed system

Infinity's experience shows that RAD is best suited in software application development projects with well defined business objective and scope where,

  • Data for the new project already exists
  • Decision makers are small in number
  • Project team members are not more than six people.
  • Technical architecture and key technological components are tried and tested.
  • Response times, throughput and database sizes are within the limit of technology