Agile Software Development Programming

Dealing With Flexibility beyond Your Expectations

Are you enthralled by agile software development? Want to know more about agile? Want to have agile software? Well, for simplification, Agile is a part of iterative and more of evolutionary approach to software development that is executed and implemented in a highly collaborative manner with optimum formal procedure yet produces high quality software meeting the changing needs of its stakeholder.

Today, Infinity has emerged as a fast growing offshore outsourcing company in the software development industry credited to its well-strategic project planning and management tools designed exclusively for agile development. Infinity has laid exceptional emphasis to enable today's most popular agile methodologies, including Extreme Programming (XP), Scrum, DSDM, etc.

Agile Software Development Process

Initiation of the Project : Initiation involves setting up the plan, specifying the business needs, freezing the requirements, building the team, and preparing initial architecture modeling.

Development Iterations : This repetitive stage involves active client participation, rigorous and collaborative development by professionals, adding new features upon requirement, confirmatory and investigative testing, and internal deployment of software.

Release of the product : This stage involves final system testing, final user acceptance testing, and deployment of system into production and regular and updated delivery of software which meets the changing needs of the client. Release phase allows the end user to review the software and send the feedback as well as request for more features if required.

Production : This phase involves the regular maintenance of the system and identification of defects to enhance the system performance as well as stability.

Agile Teams at Infinity

Over the years of extensive research and development, Infinity has build up skilled teams to simplify the process of planning, tracking, analyzing, and scaling their agile development endeavors. The agile software team of Infinity is competent enough to add functional features in any order and can release a working version of the product at any iteration. Concentrating more on adding the key features in first run, our agile teams create a perfect application rather than an ordinary one.

With a fixed reporting time, our agile team is capable of releasing the software to end users every 10 business days at the end of each iteration allowing them to review while offering options like, adding more features on the current project, prioritizing the features differently, or to discontinue the feature addition entirely. So, agile software development at Infinity resolves the issues like integration and installation addressed steadily throughout the entire development lifecycle, thus ensuring the top quality of the software.

Infinity is committed to assist the global clientele around the world streamline business and specific technology objectives, become accustomed of changing market demands, and enhance and accelerate their software value. Software professionals and experts have evolved unique project management practices associated with iterative and agile software development which has given rise to an up-to-date and realistic software planning and management infrastructure crucial to implement and scale agile processes in organizations of all sizes.

Approach and philosophy towards Agile Development Process:

  • Deployment of Adaptive method rather than predictive to allow constant change in software.
  • People-oriented rather than process-oriented to allow incessant learning and usability to the development team.
  • Simplest description and planning.
  • Focus on high-value features
  • Tool independence that makes development process more flexible and easy to execute.

Benefits with Agile Software Development:

  • Minimized project risk
  • Maximized project visibility
  • Enhanced predictability, and adaptability
  • Availability of options to track and review the project regularly
  • Generation of relatively high quality software
  • Cost Control

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