How We Develop That POWERFUL Ecommerce Solution for you!

With the cut-throat competition in the High Street, you cannot afford to survive without a good ecommerce website with a competitive advantage. Infinity ecommerce solution can give you the edge by helping you increase revenue and profitability, reduce overheads and revolutionize your customer service. We at Infinity develop ecommerce solutions that can communicate effectively with customers, promote products and handle business transactions. Infinity offers you customizable ecommerce solutions that can allocate quick construction and deployment of database-driven storefronts. The process includes:


Experts at Infinity comprehend your requirements and collect mandatory details about the application you request. This step involves clearing all your doubts and basic queries that you may have about choice of technology, application feasibility. After understanding the complete project, experts try to define the best possible and suitable solution that addresses your business needs.

Plan Proposal

After making a detailed and careful competition review coupled with functional analysis in order to create the web site at par with the competition, we provide you with a complete proposal including SRS outlining the details, costs and timeline required for the development of the proposed e-solution.

Design and Development

A team of trained web-designers, developers and analysts start with the design and development of the web site. Maintaining an absolute transparency and excellent communication, you are updated regularly with the progress of the development process. The step ends with the creation of a ready beta version of the web site.


Launching step involves the access of beta e-solution to you to test and visualize the application and give your feedback. All the reported errors or bugs are fixed at this final stage making your solution ready to go live into hosting server of your choice.

Technical Support

Infinity provides a long-term technical support to maintain the reliability and stability of the solution.

Why Ecommerce Solutions at Infinity?

Our ecommerce solutions will benefit your business to:
  • Increase sales revenue
  • Improve customer service
  • Strengthen your company's image/brand
  • Reduce operational expenses

Infinity applies different approaches in its ecommerce solutions to make it easy for your customers to do business with you. We use tactical methods and latest Web technologies to enable site owners to rapidly create safe, feature-rich storefronts with robust automation and reporting facilities. Our shopping cart software will allow your customers to quickly and easily complete their transactions.

Infinity Informations offer software outsourcing e-business solutions that would facilitate business enterprises to minimize time to market, get customers and achieve unparalleled, profitable growth.